ENG 252: Here’s to the first-generation college students!

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 1.47.48 PMBy Amanda Famigletti

College is a scary phase in life. It consists of parents cosigning on loans you’ll be paying until you’re 35. Maybe stepping away from your hometown to a big city at 18. And everyone’s favorite part of the transition, a non-virtual game of Tetris to figure out how to fit every last article of clothing, piece of furniture and miscellaneous items to squeeze into a 10 x 10 home for the next year. It’s the biggest academic endeavor you have yet to face, and it’s far from easy.
However, there is a certain population of students in particular that I’d like to shout out to. It’s the first-generation students.
The term can be simply defined as an undergraduate whose parents did not attend university. Research suggests that first-generation college students differ in the sense of their counterparts such that they are typically not as active in extracurricular activities, and can even be less academically prepared. This ties to less satisfaction in college, and without academic or social support, could potentially drop out of college. However, the amount of first-generation college students enrolled in college is rapidly increasing, and this is something we should be proud of.
I am saying this because I too am a first-generation college student, and it makes me so incredibly proud to be one because it shows that there is hope despite one’s circumstances. I encourage everyone who is in the same shoes as me to find the courage to seek out help from professors. Your academic success is most important to them and they are always there to help.
Try and create a social circle as well. Keep up with information about new clubs that may interest you, join a study group, anything that you feel may help. These are key components to your academic success.
I would never say it is easy, but it is worth it. Take a step back and look at where
you are right now. You’re probably studying for your upcoming midterm, chugging coffee late at night to write your term paper or watching Netflix for some down time. Regardless, you are on the path to where you need to be and will get there soon. So, take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back and be proud to be a first-generation college student.
For additional information, here is a blog post from Psychology Today called “What We
About the writer:  Amanda Famigletti is a senior at the College of Saint Rose, currently studying Psychology.
[The students in ENG 252 are writing blog posts highlighting campus and community events and opportunities.]

English Club tomorrow!

Hey Everybody,

I hope you had a good Advisement Day! I just wanted to send out this email to remind you all that there will be an English Club meeting this Thursday at 5:30pm in Albertus 369 in the Science Center.
Here are some of our upcoming events:
April 2nd at 3:00pm– Journalism Workshop (flyer attached): We will be having a communications professor come and talk to us about how to write properly in the field of journalism.
April 12th at 7pm– Saint Rose Slams: Come feel free to read some poetry in an open mic atmosphere. Other types of vocal performances are allowed.
April 17th 6-9pm – BLAZE Pizza Fundraiser: Come out and support English Club with our first Fundraiser of the semester! Show your support by showing the flyer that I have attached, and proceeds will go to our club! Tell all your friends!
Sam Zimmerman
Vice President of English Club

ENG 252: COMpass Newsletter

annotated-IMG_2685COMpass Newsletter:
Charting your Path – COMING SOON!

Saint Rose Communications Department is coming out with a newsletter. The communications department doesn’t have any formal tactics or strategy in place to show the development or accomplishments of the communications department, its students, or its alumni. The opportunity the communication department newsletter will bring is engagement from current students and alumni and a marketing tool to get new students wanting and researching Saint Rose. The newsletter will include department news, alumni stories, student and faculty spotlight, interns, things trending in the communication field, clubs in the communication department, and class notes. The newsletter will be published once every semester and subjected to change if needed. The first newsletter will be completed by the end of this semester, Spring 2019.

Five Saint Rose students have taken on the initiated becoming the first to publish a communication newsletter with the help of Professor Mark Congdon. The students are Breanne Colon, Nina Laluz-Rivera, Daria Lee, Tamia McDonald, and Skylar Wolfe. The team as of now are looking for writers. If you are interested in building a professional portfolio, networking, and making a difference in the Saint Rose community write for COMpass Newsletter. If you are interested in writing for the COMpass newsletter please contact COMpassNewsletter@gmail.com.

The COMpass newsletter team will start promoting via social after spring break, March 13th. PLEASE BE ON THE LOOK OUT! They’ll be creating different social media pages to spread content and information. The first post will be attached to the Saint Rose Communication Department Facebook page to inform everyone about their new social media pages.

As of now if you have any questions, please contact COMpassNewsletter@gmail.com or any of the five students publishers or Mark Congdon.

About the Writer: My name is Tamia McDonald from Queens, NY. Currently a senior at Saint Rose majoring in business with a concentration in sports management and a minor in communication with a concentration in PR & Advertising. I am one of the publishers of the COMpass Newsletter. If you would like to know more you can email me at mcdonaldt516@strose.edu and/or add me on LinkedIn.

[The students in ENG 252 are writing blog posts highlighting campus and community events and opportunities.]

Writing Help is Here!

CSR Prose Guide Cover
Final exam time is nearly upon us: many struggle with research papers and best writing practices. The Strose Prose Guide to College Writing 2018-19 is here to help you through the process of writing and integrating your research with skill. It includes examples of student papers as well as guidelines to work through the process of composing a solid paper for a variety of disciplines and genres.

Employers Want English Majors!

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3.02.32 PM
Department Chair David Morrow emailed a link to this article at CBS News pointing out that employers want English majors more than business majors — and other “problematic majors” have high under- and unemployment rates. Among the reasons are:

majors are aimed at preparing students for specific fields…are failing to graduate “job ready” adults, the researchers said. Students in these majors may not be learning communication and critical thinking skills, which means they may lack the writing and reasoning abilities that employers want in new hires.

Communication and critical thinking are key for the job market as well as for the study of literature and writing.

Check out the full piece here.

English Club Poetry Slam: 29 Nov 2018

English Club is proud to present Saint Rose Slams! On November 29th (This Thursday) at 8 pm in the Campus Theatre we will be hosting a poetry slam. Open mic sign ups start at 7:30 pm.

All are welcomed- regardless of your major! If you want to preform or just want to watch, feel free to come and to bring friends!

Faculty Works in Progress 11/12 with Jennifer Marlow and David Morrow

Join us Monday 12 Nov to hear faculty speak about their current works in progress.

AfternoonTalk 11 12 SLIDE