ENG 252: Saint Rose Students Participate in Climate Change Strike

IMG_0829What do you call home? By definition, it’s “the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household”. However, home can be a place, person, object, or anything that makes you feel complete. But all of these things exist upon one thing: Earth.

September 20-27 consisted of what is known as the Global Week for Future. This was a series of international strikes and protests to demand action be taken to address climate change. A record of 7.6 million people, mostly led by youth and students, took to the streets to strike for climate action. All around the world, in cities and villages, big and small, millions joined hands and spoke up in defense of the climate.

The College of Saint Rose students gathered together to prepare for the strike by creating signs and chants. Friday, September 20th, these students joined hands with the University of Albany as well as Albany High School to march all the way to the state Capital and strike together as one. Hundreds more joined, including students from Siena, Skidmore, and Union. As they marched to the Capitol, students chanted things such as “If we’re standing up for our environment, what do we do? STAND UP, FIGHT BACK!”

This is all in an effort to show that overall, through the community and Government, we have the people power necessary to fight climate change and end the era of fossil fuels. According to the NASA website, if climate change persists, the Northeast and Capitol Region will experience heat waves, heavy downpours, sea level rise, growing challenges, and more. It is up to us to fight prevent these results now before it is too late. Saint Rose students and more are doing just that.

About the Writer: Jennifer Moss is a Junior at the College of Saint Rose studying
Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising.

English Club tomorrow!

Hey Everybody,

I hope you had a good Advisement Day! I just wanted to send out this email to remind you all that there will be an English Club meeting this Thursday at 5:30pm in Albertus 369 in the Science Center.
Here are some of our upcoming events:
April 2nd at 3:00pm– Journalism Workshop (flyer attached): We will be having a communications professor come and talk to us about how to write properly in the field of journalism.
April 12th at 7pm– Saint Rose Slams: Come feel free to read some poetry in an open mic atmosphere. Other types of vocal performances are allowed.
April 17th 6-9pm – BLAZE Pizza Fundraiser: Come out and support English Club with our first Fundraiser of the semester! Show your support by showing the flyer that I have attached, and proceeds will go to our club! Tell all your friends!
Sam Zimmerman
Vice President of English Club

Pizza Party TODAY!


PIZZA PARTY for English majors, minors, and friends will be held in ALB 406 on Wednesday, February 20, from 12:30-1:30. Join us!

[Image of pizza via the School Photo Project]

Alumni News: Jacqueline Kirkpatrick


Jacqueline Kirkpatrick (MFA Creative Writing ’15) has news for us:

Hobart just informed me that my creative nonfiction piece “Alive” will be published in the next two weeks!

Be sure to look for Jacqueline’s piece and leave a comment if you enjoyed it.

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Our Internship Requirement in the News

Check out this story, just published today at Inside Higher Ed, which covers the trend of English Departments requiring their majors to complete an internship.

Exhibit A in Allie Grasgreen’s story is Saint Rose’s English Department’s internship. Here’s a quote:

After a voluntary internship course in the department gained traction, Saint Rose decided to make internships mandatory for all English majors, starting with students who enrolled in 2007. And as those students are entering the job market, officials thus far have been pleased with the results.

“English is always one of those decisions and majors where students take it because they really enjoy it, but sometimes they have a very difficult time projecting the skills and talents that they develop there out into the real world,” said Kim Middleton, chair of Saint Rose’s English department. “I think we feel a deep responsibility to our students to make sure they leave here feeling as if they’re not set adrift.”

Along with Prof. Middleton, Rone Shavers, our internship coordinator, is also interviewed, along with folks from Clemson University and Messiah College.

Great to see our internship class requirement getting noticed! Read the whole story here.