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Saint Rose Theatre Festival: Call for Entries!

Here is a message from the Saint Rose Theatre Festival Director Chris Lovell:

“I have always had a passion for theatre as you know, and last year I saw an idea I had for a while come to the stage. I started the Saint Rose Theatre Festival last year and it was a lot of fun for everyone. It was a one-night engagement of staged readings. All of the scenes performed were written by Saint Rose students in the graduate play script course. The scenes ranged from a conversation between a radio host and his producer to a unbelievably ignorant couple having dinner in a restaurant. This year, I will have opened up the festival for all Saint Rose students to submit scenes for consideration. Scenes can be submitted electronically via the festival’s website ( up until Friday, December 14th at 11:59PM. The festival is expanding to an entire weekend for performances, giving a better opportunity for the community to see the great work of Saint Rose students on stage.

College is a time of exploration. So many opportunities appear for students to explore the world around them and to find something they are truly passionate about. How many people do you know that have the opportunity to write something and then see it performed on stage in front of an audience or be an actor in a world premiere? That is what the Saint Rose Theatre Festival is all about, providing a creative outlet for new and exciting materials for anyone to see. It is a create outlet, not only for writers and actors, but it allows for others to be creative. Check out the logo for the festival that was designed by a 2012 Saint Rose Graduate!

Any student that is interested can submit a piece to be considered for production during the festival. Submissions can cover any topic a student is interested, and the piece may be of any theatrical genre with the exception of musical theatre.”

Submissions must follow the formatting guidelines posted on the festival’s website (PDF can be found here).


Graduate Course Descriptions Spring 2013

ENG 532 – Love & Marriage in 18th C. Comedy
Thursday 6:15-8:30
Readings in representative writers of the period, including Swift, Pope, Johnson, Sheridan, Radcliffe. Some discussion of historical contexts.

ENG 541 – Native American Literature
Monday 6:15-8:55
Critical reading and discussion of a variety of Native American texts from oral and written traditions. Readings will be situated in a variety of cultural contexts, ranging from Columbian contact to contemporary popular culture. Applicable critical lenses may be employed in student reading and research, including postcolonial, poststructural and emerging Native American critical theory. Writers studied will vary and may include transcriptions of oral texts as well as twentieth- century writers like Zitkala-Sa, McNickle, Momaday, Silko, Young Bear, Erdrich, Ortiz, Harjo, and Alexie. Fulfills a theory requirement.

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Flora the Red, Drama Production this November at Saint Rose

The Drama Program fall production is the musical Flora the Red Menace, which features words and music by John Kander and Fred Ebb. In their first Broadway collaboration, Kander and Ebb (the team responsible for CabaretChicago, and Kiss of the Spider Woman, among many other classics) look back on 1930s New York City.

Flora Meszaros (a role originated by a 19-year-old Liza Minellli) is a promising art student who finds her first job and first love in Depression-era Greenwich Village.  Her breakup with a leftist painter leaves her sadder but wiser and with the realization that she will go on to do great things.

 The players and staff for this production after the jump.

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Call for Papers Round-Up

Here is a list of calls for papers for conferences that we believe appeal to our academic community at Saint Rose. This list was developed with the help from the University of Pennsylvania site, This site offers numerous postings of calls for papers from a wide variety of categories. Check back for future listings of calls for papers and please note that a couple listings have deadlines for the end of September.

NeMLA 2013 March 21-14, Boston, MA
full name / name of organization:
Obsessive Attention: Fandom and Scholarship, a Roundtable Discussion
contact email:,

Is all scholarship fandom? A roundtable exploring the intersection
between fandom and the obsessions of a scholar. Even as the academy is
questioned and devalued by those outside it, our very objects of study
are undergoing a millennial shift. In a multicultural, multimedia age,
how do we as scholars know which knowledge to value? Fandom and its
scholars confront the questions about what is knowledge and whose
credential count. In many ways, the debate about fandom and scholarship
echo larger questions about the value of scholarship in today’s
“Google-able” world. This panel welcomes papers from both fan and
scholarly perspectives. Possible topics are scholars as fans and/or fans
as scholars; depictions of scholars in fandom and its sources (such as to
Hogwarts professors, The Xavier Institute, Dr. Rush of SGU, Jedi,
Gallifreyans, especially the Doctor, Starfleet Academy, Sherlocks); does
scholarship ruin fandom? Do entities such as the Organization for
Transformative Works or this very panel destroy or enhance the joy of
fandom? Is fandom an appropriate topic for scholarly investigation?
Proposals of 200-250 words by Sept 30th to Emily Hegarty or Margarette Connor at

James Joyce and His Cold Mad Feary Fathers (or Mothers): Anxieties of Influence NeMLA Boston Mass April 21-24, 2013
full name / name of organization:
Northeast Modern Language Association
contact email:

Gertrude Stein would not talk about Joyce, wrote Hemingway: If you brought up Joyce twice, you would not be invited back (A Moveable Feast). Joyce felt threatened by Stein (as did Hemingway). Joyce hardly admitted being influenced by anyone, yet every writer has a complex relation to her or his predecessors and contemporaries. Abstracts of 250 words exploring Joyce’s anxious reactions to writers like Stein and Yeats, or extreme praise accorded to Italo Svevo (or daughter Lucia) to or J. McQuail, Box 5053, Dept. of English and Communications, TTU, Cookeville TN 38505. Deadline for abstracts or completed papers is SEPT. 30, 2012 (please include contact info including address,affiliation, e-mail, and phone number).

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