English Majors Represent Saint Rose


Saint Rose English majors pictured above, Hannah Lee (second from left) and Christina Romeo (far right).

Saint Rose English majors Hannah Lee and Christina Romeo represented the department April 8 at SUNY Oneonta’s Undergraduate Literature and Composition Conference. Hannah and Christina were accompanied by Chantelle DeRose and Brittney Domagal.

Hannah Lee presented her paper, “The King as Poet Not God: The Influence of Religious Iconography and Queer Theory in Rupert Goold’s Richard II.” The paper, Hannah explains, “is an analysis of a movie version of Richard II and how Richard’s identity, along with his kingship, falls apart.”

When asked about her experience and if she had any advice, Hannah replied, “I’ve only attended Saint Rose’s English Symposium before, so being at a new college was nerve-wracking. However, the conference went well overall. I don’t think I’m in any place to give advice since conferences are a new territory that I’m trying to figure out as well. Nevertheless, I would say the big thing is to try your best to not panic–which I know is easier said than done. Relax, drink enough water so your mouth isn’t dry, and read clearly.”

Chantelle DeRose, also speaking on the conference experience, found Oneonta to be “a wonderful atmosphere. Everyone at SUNY Oneonta was incredibly welcoming, and the entire event was extraordinarily organized. Although I only attended the conference to support my friends, it was still such a valuable experience. I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s papers, and I feel that I learned a lot just from observing. If I could give any tips to students who may want to attend in the future, I would just tell them to be confident in their abilities. Once you put yourself out there, it’s a fantastic opportunity to present your work. It’s also a great chance to meet and spend time with other students outside of Saint Rose who love writing. We met a lot of awesome students, some from New York City and some from SUNY Cortland, who really made our day much more enjoyable.”

For more information regarding SUNY Oneonta’s conference series, visit http://www.oneonta.edu/academics/english/conferences/ugconf.asp


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