Our Recent MA Graduates.

In a survey, 80% of alumni respondents indicated that they are employed in an area that draws on the skills developed in their graduate studies at The College of Saint Rose.  We spoke recently to a couple of our graduates.  Here’s a sample of what they say.

Emily LaPointe, Communications Coordinator at Northern Contours: “I know that pursuing and earning my MA in English has enriched my life and emilywas a big factor in being hired for my current job. . . .  It’s something that precedes me in almost all introductions: ‘This is Emily. She has a couple of English degrees.’ It has given me confidence and credibility when it comes to a lot of the tasks associated with my job. . . .  I just always felt like my career options were really open if I had degrees in English. . . . My boss just said to me a couple weeks ago, ‘Man, I never knew how much we needed a writer around here!’ Score one for English majors! . . . I think the person I am today is largely a product of my course of study in English.”

Kelly Weiss, Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional at The College Experience Program:  “My English graduate study imbued me with kellya sense of confidence that I simply did not have before my experience at St. Rose. . . .  After graduation I began working at the College Experience Program, which is an innovative educational opportunity for students with disabilities.  The determination, self-discipline, time management, and advanced writing skills that I learned during my graduate studies proved to be invaluable to me at my current job. Much of my professional work involves writing and teaching. My experiences in the classroom as a student gave me the practical experience I needed to succeed. Ultimately, my time at Saint Rose turned out to be more meaningful for my career than I initially realized.


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