Recital: Halle D. Cairns, Soprano, BA in Music and English

Photo Dr, Brian Sweeney                                                                                                  Photo–Dr. Brian Sweeney

Halle D. Cairns, Soprano, at her Senior Voice Recital on Sunday, Nov 8, 2015, at the Massry Center for the Arts.  She is from the studio of Ms. Lucille Beer and was accompanied by Trevor Kahlbaugh on the piano.  Halle hopes to pursue a career as a music librarian.

Dr.  Brian Sweeney who attended the recital said, “I know from the classroom Halle’s talent for literary analysis. This was my first opportunity to hear her interpret texts as a vocalist. I always enjoy discovering how multi-talented our English majors are.”

Christina Romeo another English major and friend in the audience  said, “Watching Halle was enchanting. Her last piece from the Sound of Music had me tearing up. I could tell it was sentimental to her, and she projected that to the audience.”


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