Intern Profile: Jenessa Matis at Senior Services of Albany

jenJenessa was a Marketing & Development Intern at Senior Services of Albany in the Spring of 2014. These are her experiences.

Senior Services of Albany is a local non-profit dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of seniors in Albany and the Capital Region. At my internship, my objectives were to position Senior Services of Albany as the leading eldercare expert in the Capital Region; promote programs & services to elders & their caregivers; and support fundraising objectives.

I worked on various promotional pieces such as a flyer, brochures, and direct mail letters, and I also did internet research for grants and contact information. Some of my duties were to update a few of the pieces that SSA already had, but I was also able to create new documents on my own.

Overall, my internship at Senior Services of Albany has showed me that I am capable of using the skills I have acquired as an English major in the real world. I doubted myself a lot in the beginning and was wary of adjusting to a professional environment and work on documents other than for assignments for school. By working through my assignments and constantly learning about myself, my work ethics, and what it takes to work in a professional environment, my confidence in my abilities grew. During my time at SSA I felt extremely welcome and appreciated and I was frequently praised and thanked for the contributions I made.

One example from my internship that stands out to me is when I spotted a mistake in a letter that was sent out to prospective donors. On this day, the office was very hectic because these letters had to be sent out that day in order to ensure they would arrive on time. I did not have any part in writing or editing the letters, but I was asked to fold and stuff them into envelopes in order to be sent out. After having folded about 250 letters and sealing them in envelopes, I quickly proofread one and noticed that it said, “Donations are due by Monday, Friday March 21.” Obviously, that was a pretty big error.

Even though SSA could not spare the money to fix/reprint the letters and use new envelopes for the ones I had already folded and sealed, I was able to help by sending out letters with the correct day from that point forward. The most important thing to keep in mind when going into an internship is to not doubt your abilities and undermine what you are capable of accomplishing. If you work hard and learn to adapt to the work environment and what is asked of you, you should have no problem being successful.


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