Meet The Majors: Part I

Meet three of our new majors here at the English Department at The College of Saint Rose! I’m happy to introduce Sean, Vincent, and Derek. Though the photo quality is shaky, their interest in English is steady and strong. Following our tradition of “Two Truths and A Lie,” here is some information from the friendly trio:

-Once had a pet Chinchilla named Master Roshi who used to steal Nutella.
-Jumped off a 50 foot cliff on a bet to get a turkey sandwich.
–Taught my history teacher how to surf in Hawaii.
–I love to spend time gardening in the summer.
–Played two varsity sports in high school.
–Grew up in the Capital Region and have lived here my whole life.
–I’m an only child.
–Broke my leg playing football.
–Used to get shots in my head as a child.



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