Alumni Update: Genevieve Aldi

Genevieve Aldi graduated from the English Master of Arts program in the Spring of 2013, but luckily for us she never left the The College of Saint Rose community.  GA blog post pic

She is currently teaching an undergraduate English course and describes the transition from student to professor as “a strange and awesome experience…to have had professors who are now colleagues, to be imparting information rather than absorbing it.” Genevieve is also a professional tutor at Fulton-Montgomery Community College, where she works on an individual basis with students to assist with the writing process.

All of this professional work still leaves time to pursue some creative interests and long-term career goals, as Genevieve explains, “I’m also working on a number of personal writing projects. I’ve started a blog about my attempt to get healthier in terms of eating/exercise. I also have some fiction and plays in process. My next goal is to have some of my academic and creative work published.”

When asked how her experience at Saint Rose helped contribute to her success, Genevieve replies:

“I have developed and improved so much as a reader, writer, thinker and speaker as a result of my MA program. One of the greatest benefits in terms of my current teaching/tutoring career was being encouraged to examine my own processes of reading, analysis, and writing, which gave me a lot of tools to pass on to students.”

Presenting a literary research paper at a conference is one of the many opportunities that graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of during their time at Saint Rose and the faculty are more than happy to assist with this process. Genevieve describes her experience:

“I also enjoyed presenting at conferences while at St. Rose. It was great to share my ideas, and also to hear ideas from others doing work at a similar level. I came from each conference with a ton of new ideas to explore, books and resources to read, and new ways to approach concepts.”

On a final note, Genevieve acknowledges the English faculty for their dedication and insight:

“The professors in St. Rose’s English dept. are exceptional in my opinion. They all so clearly care about teaching and I learned so much from every one of them. Standout courses for me would be Imaginative Writing with Barbara Ungar, because it reignited a lost passion for and a desire to pursue creative writing (also, a play that I first drafted in this class ended up being performed in a staged reading!); Lit Theory with David Morrow because it was the inspiration for my advanced project; and Kim Middleton’s Contemporary Narrative because the literature was so rich and complex and it opened my mind to perspectives about the malleability of ‘truth’ and ‘reality.'”


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