Meet the English Majors, Part I



Hear ye, hear ye!  Our first group of new English majors arrived on campus on June 26, and not only posed for the charming picture above, but also generated a healthy list of facts, and perhaps a few falsehoods, about themselves.  See if you can figure out which is which.  If you see them on campus in August, make a point to say hello!

  • Two are related to farmers, while another has never seen a cow.
  • Their high school graduation classes  range from 46 seniors to 1500.
  • One is has a cat named after a Tolkien character.
  • One is an Italian that speaks German fluently; another is a Republican from Texas.
  • Two identify as half-Asian.
  • Someone’s grandfather was a polar bear hunter.
  • One still uses her childhood swing set.
  • Someone has an extra bone in his/her knee.
  • They come with a full set of animal-themed nicknames, including: Turtle, Mouse, Duck, Godzilla, Olive, and Jeffy.

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