2013 English Symposium

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The 2013 English Department Symposium was held last April 4, featuring scholarly and creative works of undergraduate, English majors and non-majors alike.

The day commenced with students presenting on projects from Film and New Media Studies. Presenters include Rob Stoddard, who discussed “Sexual Desire as Plot and Narrative in Franco Zeffirelli’s Hamlet“; Alexandra Korcz read from “We’re the Man: The Gaze in She’s the Man“; Kayla Furnia discussed her article “Nonlinearity and Pulp Fiction”; Rachel Bolton presented “Reflection and Looking in Gregory Doran’s Hamlet”; and Justin Davis read from his “Kozintsev’s Defiance of an Authoritarian State and Promotion of Communal Existence.”

The English Department welcomed Melissa Grundmann, Robert Konteh, Brien Schweizer, Jessica Lamoureaux, Chris Suprenant, Barbara Hoenzsch, Mike Atkinson, Sarah Shaw, Abby Foster, Jessica Furiani, Kayla Furnia, Amie Walter, Nicholas Hulse, Julia Wickersheim, Edmund Gillen, Kevin Noonan, Kait Rooney and Megan O’Connor to speak at the Symposium about their individual papers on a range of topics: everything from power and resistance to the status quo, motherhood, the functions of language and form, imagery, gender norms, name as a commodity, New Historicism, and visual/aesthetic theory.

The Symposium also featured an array of creative writers; writers and their works included Amanda Rozsavolgi’s “The Bakkre”; Alex Sherman-Cross’s -“Cross”; Kevin Noonan’s essay “On Yoga”; John Slagg’s memoir piece, “On Driving”; Alex Korcz essays, “On Betty Crocker and Being a Girl”; Stephanie Clowe’s essay “On the Verge of Vegan”; Abbey Barker’s “Manhattan & My Cousin”; Andrew Gilchrist: “Essay #2” on comics; and Daniella Watson’s performance poems, “Freedom Song” and “Untitled.”


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