Alumni Stories: Randy Howard

Randy Howard is a writer with more than 14 years of professional experience. His career began as a copywriter and an editor for a major TV-listings firm. In the mid-1990s, Randy published a sports magazine based in Albany, New York. Following this venture, he worked as the Communications Coordinator for a mid-sized manufacturer, where he eventually helped the firm to secure a $1M contract with a Fortune 500 Company.

Howard’s writing portfolio spans multiple genres, including journalism, marketing writing, and creative non-fiction. In 2005, Howard brought his practical business experience to the classroom. Since then, he’s taught high school English and English Composition at a community college in Tampa, FL. He holds both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in English Literature, as well as a Masters in the Science of Teaching.

Can you tell me a little about your experience at Saint Rose?

Graduated in December, 2010 with a M.A. in English where I wrote a memoir as my thesis under the tutelage of Daniel Nester.

Describe a memorable moment, professor, or course from The Saint Rose English Department?

Experiencing the “Summer of Infinite Jest” in Kim Middleton’s course on David Foster Wallace. Had to read an 1,100 page-book in four weeks and it just about killed me.

What initially led you to choose English?

I wanted to write a trauma memoir about the time I nearly died in an Albany street fight.

Do you have any advice for future English majors?

If you’re going to pursue advanced study in English Lit., have a practical plan in place in terms of how you’re going to use those skills & credentials in the job market. It’s competitive out here!

What did you do after graduating?

I moved to Tampa, FL a year after graduating.  I am currently a resume writer for the Ultimate Medical Academy, an online college. I also teach two sections of English Composition at Hillsborough County Community College.

Any other comments about the faculty at Saint Rose or the English Department?

I miss you guys! Thanks for putting up with me.


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