Our Internship Requirement in the News

Check out this story, just published today at Inside Higher Ed, which covers the trend of English Departments requiring their majors to complete an internship.

Exhibit A in Allie Grasgreen’s story is Saint Rose’s English Department’s internship. Here’s a quote:

After a voluntary internship course in the department gained traction, Saint Rose decided to make internships mandatory for all English majors, starting with students who enrolled in 2007. And as those students are entering the job market, officials thus far have been pleased with the results.

“English is always one of those decisions and majors where students take it because they really enjoy it, but sometimes they have a very difficult time projecting the skills and talents that they develop there out into the real world,” said Kim Middleton, chair of Saint Rose’s English department. “I think we feel a deep responsibility to our students to make sure they leave here feeling as if they’re not set adrift.”

Along with Prof. Middleton, Rone Shavers, our internship coordinator, is also interviewed, along with folks from Clemson University and Messiah College.

Great to see our internship class requirement getting noticed! Read the whole story here.


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