Meet the 2012 English Majors (Part 2)

Hear ye, hear ye!  Our final group of English majors met  on July 13, and not only posed for the charming picture above, but also generated a healthy list of facts, and perhaps a few falsehoods, about themselves.  See if you can figure out which is which.  Meanwhile, when you see them around campus in the fall, remember to say hi to Taylor, Alex, Shanell, Matt, Derek, Victoria, Samantha and Shalon!

  • I was a pointe ballerina for 10 years.
  • I aced the top tennis player on the team.
  • I was voted student council president, and ran unopposed.
  • When the final Harry Potter book was released, I read over 200 pages in a single day.
  • I sleep with a machete under my pillow.
  • I collect journals I probably will never write in, because they’re too beautiful.
  • I’m Hispanic, but I don’t speak Spanish very fluently.
  • I’m not a hipster, although I have the glasses.
  • I love kids, they just hate me.
  • I’m so passionate about English, that I can read and write backwards and upside down.
  • If I can’t see the clock in the room, I have a panic attack; if the room doesn’t have a clock, I won’t go in it.
  • I’m Batman.
  • I hate the internet.
  • I once fell madly in love and got married.
  • I am the illegitimate child of Bob Dylan and Adele.
  • I play with spiders.
  • I have a life-threatening case of halitosis; and children die when I smile at them.
  • English is everything to me; art isn’t.
  • The voice in my head is Ron Howard.
  • I make my own cheeses.
  • My best friend is Brad Pitt.
  • I was a one-night stand baby.
  • I can read and write Korean, but I can’t understand it.
  • I cannot stand the sight of mayonnaise.
  • I am the last person on earth I’d go to for advice.
  • I love wearing pinstriped jackets.
  • I am an avid anime fan.
  • I am a die-hard My Little Pony fan.

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