Meet the 2012 English Majors (Part 1)

Don’t be fooled by their numbers: the dynamic trio above is our first set of incoming English/English Adolescence Education Majors, who attended orientation on July 6/10.  Lo, Alora, and Melissa hail from nearby and from the exotic (!) Dutchess County, and they have a variety of unique experiences and characteristics.  They elected to share the following descriptors about themselves but they included a whopper or two to throw you off.  Which smiling face above matches with the facts below?

  • My real name is Lorenza.
  • I snort when I laugh.  (Two of them do.)
  • I averaged twelve concussions in six months last year.
  • I’m an actress onstage and off.
  • My nickname is “Hazmat” because I’m a danger to myself and others.
  • I was born in Columbia.
  • I used to sing opera when I was younger.
  • My nickname as a child was “Eagle Eye” because of my sharp eyes.
  • I can sing very low to extremely high notes.
  • I’m sixteenth in line for the royal crown of Albania.
  • I pick up on accents very well, but I cannot consciously fake an accent.
  • I speak five languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Ebo.
  • I am the actual case of Benjamin Button.

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