Spring 2012 Dish: Student and Faculty News

Sigma Tau Delta, English Honor Society 2012 Undergraduate and Graduate Inductees

Undergraduate students Kimberly Daigle, Jonathan Dorn, Jenna Herbert, Rebecca Hosie, Alexandra Korcz, Jennifer Marsteller, Adrianne Purtell, Sarah Shaw, and Christopher Surprenant were inducted into the Sigma Delta Tau English Honor Society at a ceremony on April 22, 2012. English and English-Adolescence Education majors who have completed 18 credits of English courses at Saint Rose and have a GPA of 3.5 or above are invited to join the Honor Society. Graduate students Melissa Archambeault, Emily LaPointe, and Mary Catherine Owen were also inducted into the Honor Society on the 22nd. Graduate inductees must have a GPA of or above 3.75 to be invited to join this English Honor Society in their final semester of study.

Congratulations on all your hard work, 2012 inductees!

Graduate Student News:

Graduate student Mary Catherine Owen (left) has had her nonfiction piece, “I was (Almost) a Twentysomething Jeopardy! Contestant” published on Splinter Generation, an online literary compilation. Regarding her status as a published author Owen remarked, “I was published in an online magazine called Defenestration in my sophomore year of undergraduate study at Saint Rose (and in Strose Prose after my freshman year), but this feels more like a real publication–particularly because my writing has improved so much in the past four years.” Read Mary Catherine’s piece!

Faculty Dish:

Dr. Alyssa Colton’s article, “Jumping Ship: Navigating the Waters of Alternative Career Options,” appeared in the AWP Job List in January 2012.

Dr. Megan Fulwiler’s and Dr. Kim Middleton’s co-authored article, “After Digital Storytelling: Video Composing in the New Media Age,” is in the March edition of Computers and Composition. They also recently presented their paper, “From Center to Network: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century,” at the NITLE Symposium (National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education).    

Dr. Kim Middleton’s article“Remix Video and the Crisis of the Humanities” appears in the latest issue of Transformative Works and Cultures.

On April 14, Professor Marcie Newton presented her paper at the “Craving Happiness, Containing Anxiety” interdisciplinary graduate conference at Brown University. Her paper is titled “‘I Love You; I ‘ate You’: Oral Aggression and the Consumed Subject in Antonia White’s Autobiographical Novels.”    

Dr. Holis Seamon’s short story, “The Trojan Cat,” appears in the Spring 2012 online issue of Persimmon Tree Magazine. Dr. Seamon’s newest book, a collection of short stories titled Corporeality, will be published by Able Muse Press in spring 2013.    

Dr. Brian Sweeney has been awarded aCREST Residential Fellowship for 2012-13. Dr. Sweeney said about his upcoming work, “The award will support my ongoing research into literary depictions of servants and professionals in 19th-century U.S. texts. The title of my CREST project is “Hazards and Joys of Importing Servants: Race, Atlantic Migration, and Free Servitude in Antebellum Fiction” and concerns the so-called “servant problem,” the middle-class belief that republican ideals of social equality had made the “faithful servant” (as well as the respectable domesticity which was imagined to depend on the loyalty of servants) an impossibility in the United States.”

See also the previous blog post for information on undergraduate student Paige Maguire’s recent publication!


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