Fall 2012 Graduate Course List

Registration for Fall 2012 starts April 2nd! Here are the graduate courses that will be offered:

ENG 516 Medieval Literature (3 cr.) Laity. Monday 6:15pm-8:55pm. Description: Old and/or Middle English language and literature from its beginnings in Anglo-Saxon oral tradition through the 15th century.

ENG 537 Modern Drama (3 cr.) Krauss, Monday 6:15pm-8:55pm. Description: Readings in modernist and post-modern theatre literature, from Ibsen to the present. Attention to production and reception history, criticism, and major trends away from realism.

WRT 564 E1 Fiction Writing: Theory and Practice (3 cr.) Shavers. Wednesday 6:15-8:45pm. Description: The primary focus of this course will be short fiction and novel excerpts written by students in the class.  Besides production of their own material, students will analyze literary and theoretical texts in order to gain a better understanding of different storytelling forms, aspects of style, and other elements of a fiction writer’s craft.  Some attention to publication processes and possibilities for fiction writers. Fulfills 500-level writing requirement.  In the fall 2012, this course is the equivalent of ENG 564.

ENG 584 19th Century American Literature (3 cr.) Sweeney. Thursday 6:15pm-8:45pm. Description: Critical analysis of U.S. literature from the early national period through the turn of the twentieth century. Special emphasis on how fluctuating and contested discourses of authorship, property, print, labor, the market, feeling, publicity, and the literary influenced production, circulation, and reception of texts in the nineteenth-century U.S. Writers studied may include Poe, Wilson, Melville, Rowson, Bird, Stowe, Fern, Whitman, Hawthorne, Douglass, Jacobs, Dickinson, Chesnutt, James, Zitkala-sa, Crane, Howells, Wharton, Chopin.

ENG 585 Composition and Digital Literacies (3 cr.) Fulwiler. Wednesday 6:15pm-8:45pm. Description: What does it mean to write in the digital age? Traditional notions of both literacy and composition are print-based and book-bound, but scholars argue that we are currently in the midst of a literacy revolution not seen since the 15th century invention of the printing press. In this move from “page to screen” (as Gunther Kress has famously called it), what happens to our foundational assumptions about reading, writing, and textual production? This course will examine emergent digital tools, digital composition, and digital or “new” literacies within the larger context of the history of writing and theories of literacy. Students will analyze, critique, evaluate, and create multi-media texts. Central to the course will be reflection on the process(es) of composing including: invention, drafting, and revision across multiple modes, media, and genres.  As we study the theory and practice of the new literacies required of 21st century composing, we will also attend to the social, critical, rhetorical, and ethical dimensions of these evolving communicative sites and practices.

ENG 589 Topics in Literary Theory (3 cr.) Palecanda. Tuesday 6:15pm-8:45pm. Description: As in introduction to twentieth and twenty-first century literary theories, the course may address preoccupations of structuralism, poststructuralism, postmodernism, feminism, cultural studies, postcolonialism, and/or gender/queer studies. It may focus on a topic or critical approach and include literary and visual narratives. (May be taken more than once as long as a different topic is addressed.)

Listings can also be accessed here: http://www.strose.edu/officesandresources/registrar/courselistings/article1277


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