Events this Week: “15 Minutes Max” and “Festival of Scenes”

“15 Minutes Max” is the title of The Saint Rose Video Festival, which will be held on Thursday, March 22 at 5 pm in the Carondelet Symposium, Third floor of the Thelma Lally School of Education. This festival will feature screenings of the best fiction and nonfiction videos produced by Saint Rose students. English undergrad Briana del Bene will have her video “Sex and Sports: Beautiful Muscle” screened. Del Bene’s video will treat the audience to, “A sense of two female identities: the female athletes stepping out of the feminine identity to fit into athletics and succeed.”  Awards will be presented at the festival for “Best Nonfiction Video,” “Best Fiction Video,” and “Prize of the Audience.”

“Festival of Scenes” will be held on Friday, March 23 at 7 pm in the Saint Rose Campus Theatre, 996A Madison Ave. (located behind 1000 Madison Ave.). This will event will feature scenes from original one-act plays written by Saint Rose Graduate students currently taking “Playscript Writing: Theory and Practice,” an English Graduate course. English Graduate student Samson Dikeman tells us this about his scene, “First Time Caller,” which can be seen at the festival: “In my scene we see the protagonist, Peter Grant talking to his producer Chuck Glass after Peter’s wife has left him. What I was hoping to do in this scene was allow the characters, Peter and Chuck to elaborate on their mutual relationship problems and in turn reveal themselves to the audience.” This evening of theater is free and open to the public, but seating is limited, so plan on arriving with plenty of time before the curtain!

For more information about these events, contact: Prof. Mejia at, regarding “15 Minutes Max,” and Prof. Krauss at, regarding “Festival of Scenes.”


The following is a list of the student films that will be screened at “15 Minutes Max:”

Nonfiction (in alphabetical order by title)

Bad Blind Date: Taxi Voucher to the Rescue   Annie Delano

Bassland at Northern Lights   Angie Calantjis

Black History Month PSAs   Dana Lenseth (Executive Producer)

El Salvador and “The Problem with the Land”   Milvia E. Mendez

One Day on Earth: Prattsville, NY   Christine Neely

Pink Gloves   Caitlin Mason

Sex and Sports: Beautiful Muscle   Briana del Bene

What is Art?   Gary Brennan

What Makes Me Stronger   Liv Zabka

Fiction (in alphabetical order by title)

A Day at the Office   Gary Brennan

Microbiology Rap Video   Annam Inayatullah, Rachel McCormick, Ashlyn Salamone, Shantha Venugopal, John Boyle, Jessa VanKleeck

The Cuddlie   Gary Brennan

The Musical   John MacDonald

The Red Pill   John Janitz and Mike Collins

Three Amigos   Susan Walensky

The following is the list of scenes that will be performed at “Festival of Scenes:”

“What is Left Unsaid”…..Genevieve Aldi…..Johnstown
“Breakfast-ential”…..Tim Branfalt…..Albany
“Morning After”…..Santanya Sharpe…..Albany
“First Time Caller”…..Samson Dikeman…..Altamont
“Pinball”…..Robert McHugh…..Albany
“Christmas on River Road”…..Molly Wellman…..Rensselaer
“Service Industry”…..Molly Trumpler…..Altamont


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