Undergraduate Spring Internships and Beyond: Part One

Some English undergraduate students have been working hard this spring fulfilling their degree requirement of ENG 494: Senior Internship. This course requires students to work in various internship placements for a semester. The Spring 2012 interns and their placements are:

Shalyn Benway: The Saratogian

Tiffany Burnett: Albany Poets

Mikayla Consalvo: Assistant to Prof. Ledbetter

Johnathan Dorn: Retired Persons Association

Ashley Fischer: Times Union Center Sales Center

Kathleen Gargan: Saint Rose Curriculum Library

Danielle Harder: BirthNet

Kristin Militana: NYS Breastfeeding Coalition

Emily Perez: NY State Historical Collection—Curatorial Department

Kara Sheldon: Cerebral Palsy Association

For those who will be registering for ENG 494 in the near future, here is a message from Dr. Colton and Dr. Palecanda who are the go-to professors for internship preparation and questions:

“We encourage English Majors who will be seniors next year to start thinking about their internship requirement.  We suggest strongly that you try to fulfill this requirement in the fall semester of your final year.

Juniors who are eligible to complete their internships next year should start gathering information in order to prepare for registering, applying for, and securing an internship—all of which should be completed before the beginning of the semester of the internship. Information is available from the Department of English website, under the B.A. in English:

http://www.strose.edu/academics/schoolofartsandhumanities/english/english_ba (*Links and information on internships are at the bottom of the page.)

Please review this information before researching possible internships and drafting a resume.

We encourage you to contact one of us–Professor Colton or Professor Palecanda–to discuss possibilities and to look at listings of organizations offering internships. We are in the process of making more of this information available online.

Students wishing to register for English 494 in the fall will need to obtain a signature from Prof. Palecanda after meeting with their advisors, but we recommend strongly that you begin the process of planning for the internship well before registration.

Professor Colton and Professor Palecanda have offices on the second floor of Marcelle Hall, 444, Western Ave.”

Advisement day is March 20th and it will be here before you know it! If an internship is in your plans for the fall, spend some time checking out internship procedures and thinking about where you’d like to apply before registration rolls around. If you need to start thinking about internship possibilities but are curious as to what students actually do for their internships or how the internship experience can prepare soon-to-be graduating seniors for the job market, the answers are only a click away! We have enlisted the expertise and experience of spring interns Kathleen Gargan, Shalyn Benway, and Ashley Fischer in “Part Two” of this article, which features interviews with these successful interns. Click here or just scroll down!


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