Attention Writers: The Missouri Review’s Audio Literary Competition

Do you have a knack for poetry and/or an interest in audio art? Consider submitting to The Missouri Review’s Audio Literary Competition! The Missouri Review is inviting all writers and writer/producers to send them recordings of original poetry or prose or your audio documentaries on any subject. There will be $1,000 prizes awarded in three categories! The submission deadline for this contest is March 15th, 2012.

Here is some additional information about submissions: This contest has a pay-by-donation entry fee. Your contribution (any amount) includes a one-year, digital subscription to The Missouri Review, and all of your donation goes to support the production of The Missouri Review and its related programs. Contest winners and select runners-up will have their work featured on The Missouri Review’s website and as part of their iTunes podcast series.

Entries and payments can submitted by mail or online. For all the details visit The Missouri Review’s website:



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