Accepting Submissions for the 2012 Senior Writing Award!

The 2012 Senior Writing Award is open to any student, in any major, who graduated in December 2011 or is graduating in May 2012. Professional writers from outside the College of Saint Rose community will judge all entries. A first-place prize of $300 will be given at the Honors Convocation on March 24th at 2:30 pm in the Picotte Recital Hall of the Massry Center for the Arts. (The winner will be notified in advance.)

Deadline for submissions is February 24, 2012 at noon.

Portfolios must be submitted to the English Department Office in Marcelle Hall (444 Western Avenue) by 12:00 noon, Friday, February 24, 2012. No late entries  will be accepted.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Rone Shavers,, or 518-485-3787

Here are the rules and guidelines:

Students of any major who graduated in December 2011 or are graduating in May 2012 are eligible for the award.

Submit three copies of a portfolio consisting of the following:

Three separate pieces of writing, including at least two different genres, altogether totaling a minimum of ten pages–maximum of twenty-five pages. Each portfolio should contain at least two different genres (for example, 1 formal academic paper and 2 short stories; 2 essays and 1 play script; 2 sets of poems and 1 short story; or an essay, a story and a set of poems). Poetry submissions must have a minimum of 2 poems and maximum of 5 poems as one set.

Submissions must be anonymous. No name should appear on any page of the submissions. Type your name, address, telephone number, and email address on an index card, place the card in an envelope, and seal the envelope. This envelope must be placed, with three copies of your submission, in a large manila envelope. The copies must be arranged as three separate packets, each packet containing your three pieces of writing. Each packet should be bound with a clip or placed in a sturdy binder. One packet from each student will be sent to each of the three judges.

Work completed as a course assignment is appropriate, but it must be retyped so that the instructor’s comments do not appear on the pages. Any work that has been published should not be submitted.

Judges are professional writers from outside the Saint Rose community. Judges use a numerical tally, awarding up to 25 points to each of the three pieces submitted by each student. Judges will be guided by the following criteria: 1)Appropriateness of form and mastery of the conventions of the genre; 2)Maturity of diction, syntax, tone, and style; 3) Quality of the piece as compared to publications in the genre.

Note: Pieces containing errors in syntax, spelling, punctuation, grammar, typing, or other elements of correct, standard English will be disqualified. Proofread carefully!

The guidelines above can also be found on the English Department page:

A copy of the previous year’s winning entry is available for review on request.

(Pictured at left: 2011 Senior Writing Award winner, Katherine Wilhelmi.)

Best of luck from the English Department to all those who enter!


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