English Department Takes Over the World: SA President Ann Leghorn-McCracken

The Student Association (SA) at St. Rose is being led this year by Ann Leghorn-McCracken, English-Adolescence Education concentration. Here are just a few reasons why Ann is an asset to the SA and a point of pride for the English Department!

Ann’s longstanding love of the subject of English led her to her current major that combines English and Education. She comments, “I have always been able to connect with literature well and that understanding drove me to want to teach others about that understanding.  I know that some of my students won’t feel the same way as I do but even just showing them the passion I have may leave some effect on them (or at least I can hope).”

Ann’s success as the current president of the SA is a great example of how much an English major can lend to a leadership position like one Ann holds in the SA. Ann comments on her concentration and current leadership position that, “The biggest crossover I have seen between my concentration in English and my role as SA president would be the public speaking aspect.  All of my English classes have involved some amount of public speaking, whether in a small way or as a final project.  Being the president, I am asked to talk to many people on campus and at campus events.  Having practiced this many times in and out of my classes at Saint Rose I feel that I am always fully prepared for these events and speaking engagements.”

When Ann graduates, she hopes to obtain a position as an English teacher, teaching grades 10-12, ideally. Ann would also love to branch out in the work she is doing now in an urban environment. She mentions, “Right now I am student-teaching in an urban environment and I love it.  I feel like I can create the most positive change for students in an environment such as that.”

If anyone out there is interested in pursuing an English degree at St. Rose, whether you are interested in teaching or not, Ann has some additional advice for you. This accomplished student comments, “Take a diverse course load throughout your time at St. Rose. Everyone will always love a certain period or author, and I am the same way, but I have taken many courses outside my specific interests and I have loved all of them. I’ve never taken an English course here that I did not like. Taking a variety of classes also gave me insight into genres and authors I never would have sought out myself and I appreciated being exposed to all of them.”

Also, for anyone out there who might be interested in joining the SA, Ann also has some words of encouragement. She adds, “We love having tons of different students involved in our organization and hearing from all sorts of departments. Stop in the office anytime (inside the EAC) and see us. We love having visitors so don’t be shy!”

With Ann at the head of the SA (and Brendan Peo right up there with her) it looks like this St. Rose organization is under some great leadership! The English Department is proud of you both, Brendan and Ann!


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