An Update: Dr. David Rice

Over his sabbatical, Dr. Rice presented at the ALA American fiction conference in Savannah GA. The conference took place from October 6th-8th of last year. He presented a paper entitled “Allotment, Reorganization and the Encroachment of Euameriacan Urban Culture upon Native Americans in John

John Joseph Mathews' only novel, Sundown focuses on the Osage tribe in the early 1900s.

Joseph Mathews’ Sundown.” The paper was an extention of one of the the chapters of his dissertation and “examines how federal allotment and reorganization policies shaped the experience of his Native American characters in Oklahoma.” Dr. Rice explains further that, “It examines how young Indians at the time were displaced from their homes and traditional cultures and left with little idea how to navigate the shift into 20th century American culture. These so-called ‘new Indians’ were the precursor to today’s contemporary Native Americans, who are largely mixedblood and live in urban communities as well as reservation areas.”


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