English Department Takes Over the World: SA Vice President Brendan Peo

Brendan Peo’s major and concentration is a mouthful: a dual Childhood
Education/Special Education major with a concentration in English Language Arts. Say that ten times, fast! This ambitious student is a stand-out not only in the English Department (because of his concentration, he jokes that he takes “a lot of English classes”), but also in the student body at large.

Having been a general representative in the SA before becoming a member last May, Brendan’s previous role was being “the ‘voice’ of the students.” One of the unique things that drew him further into the SA was that, “Student Association is unique in that it affords ALL students the opportunity to become a leader on this campus.” Now Brendan is the SA Vice President, responsible for running committees, keeping office hours, and conducting general business meetings, among many other things.

How might Brendan’s SA experience help him when it’s time to enter the working world? Well, it seems this natural born leader will be a step ahead of his peers. Brendan’s future hope of “making a difference and an impact on 25 little minds” in particular has been shaped and molded from his experience and skills gained in the SA. He comments, “In my case, the field of education is full of tenacious and driven individuals. I’ve seen firsthand what it takes to be a teacher; patience, organization, leadership, and positivity. Student Association has allowed for me to explore my talents and accentuate my positives, enhancing my lessons and instruction within the schools I observe and work in.”

Brendan recognizes that there is a ton of work involved in becoming a teacher. He comments, “Teaching is not an 8 am-2:30 pm job. Teaching is not reading the words from a textbook and hoping the students understood what you read. Teaching is engaging and enlightening students with your creativity, your passion and desire for education, as well as showing your positivity and love for children.” With his course work, teaching observation/experience, and work in the SA, Brendan has successfully armed himself for the tough teaching tasks ahead. Just a couple of the extremely useful and desirable skills that Brendan has honed in his teaching and SA work are “organizational skills” and a “patient demeanor.”

Not only has SA experience benefited a future teacher, but Brendan adds that students of any major would find that being a part of SA is a huge asset. He says, “The idea of collaboration and leadership is a skill that is honed and worked on within Student Association and is easily transferable to any field of study or profession.”

Getting interested in the SA? Visit their page for a bunch of information on how to join, more of what they do, events, and when you can attend meetings!


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