An Update: Dr. Ken Krauss

Dr. Krauss has given us an update about what he was working on during his sabbatical!

“During my sabbatical, I spent time in Southern California working on a book project that I had begun around 2006.  I had done much of the research in New York City and in Los Angeles; some of the archival materials had been placed on line, which made it accessible from anywhere int he United States.  I worked on writing the last third of the book, of rewriting and editing what I had already written, and of checking some of the reserach that went into the final version.  The book examines images of masculinity, as they appeared in theatre, film, and physique magazines, following the Second World War.  I am currently sending proposals, along with pieces of the completed book, to various publishers.”

Sound’s interesting, and we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated on Dr. Krauss’ progress!


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