Philly Filly

English MA student, Genevieve Messak Aldi, has had her paper, “Problematics of Traditional Gender Identity: Theories of Butler and Halberstam Applied to Contemporary Drama,” accepted for presentation to the Mid-Atlantic Popular American Culture Association (MAP/ACA) Conference! This is an annual conference which will be held in Philadelphia, PA in November.

The name of the panel that Genevieve is on is titled “Engendering Complications.” Sounds heavy, right? I’m sure you’re wondering if she is nervous. Well, this is going to be her first conference appearance, so Aldi comments that she is both “nervous and excited” for the experience. Understandable emotions! But, don’t worry; the in-born actress in Genevieve will kick in when she hits the stage, or panel, in this case. She comments regarding her nerves, “As far as nerves go, I’m usually nervous leading up to a public speaking event, but then once I’m in the moment of presenting, my acting chops kind of kick in and I’m fine at that point.”

Is it all business in Philly, Genevieve? No, hopefully not! Since she has never been to Philadelphia, Genevieve mentions that in addition to going to the conference she is “actually just looking forward to seeing what the city has to offer.”

Let’s hope it’s sunny in Philadelphia on November 3rd for Genevieve and gender discussions! Oh, and be sure to check back here in November to see how Genevieve’s first conference experience went!

Genevieve is pictured here with two texts that she and her conference-accepted paper can’t live without:  I am My Own Wife, a play by Doug Wright(on left) and Gender Trouble by Judith Butler (on right). Just in case you are also interested in literature and gender theory, the other primary texts that Genevieve uses in her paper are Female Masculinity by Judith Halberstam and RENT by Jonathan Larson.


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