Getting to Know: Dr. Jennifer Marlow

Dr. Jennifer Marlow is next up in the ‘getting to know’ the new St. Rose English Department faculty series.

Here are some of the basics about Dr. Marlow: Her areas of expertise and interest are in Composition and New Media studies. She received her Ph.D. from SUNY and has also taught there as well as at Schenectady Community College. She has also taught at St. Rose previously as an Adjunct and as a Visiting Professor.

Dr. Marlow, it seems, has been teaching for a while, which works great for her, since teaching is what she has always wanted to do. Because her mother was a teacher, Dr. Marlow always played school as a little girl. She comments, “I’d set up my stuffed animals and teach them.” Dr. Marlow’s stuffed animal home-school solidified the dream of being a real teacher someday—a dream that never let go.

Besides teaching, Dr. Marlow’s other interests lie in working out. She is an avid runner and biker, and loves to do yoga as well. She enjoys training for road races and triathlons, although she wishes that swimming did not have to be a part of her triathlon training because she is admittedly, “not a fan.”

Dr. Marlow has some great advice for those English majors out there who might not have had their dream job picked out from a young age and might be wondering what they can do with their degree besides teach. She suggests that getting an internship is a great asset to one’s resume and lets a student gets her/his feet wet in the many possibilities out there for English majors. Dr. Marlow mentions the case of her little brother, who is a computer software consultant, as just one example of what to do with an English degree. What is the English connection there? Dr. Marlow notes that translation and communication skills as well as language skills (jargon and tech-speak) were all must-haves for her brother’s computer software gig—all skills which were instilled in him from his undergraduate degree in English.

Peter Pan: Dr. Marlow’s ideal Halloween costume. (image courtesy of

Finally, here are some fun facts about Dr. Marlow:

Her favorite authors are Toni Morrison and Milan Kundera.

If Dr. Marlow could be anyone for Halloween, she would be Peter Pan. Why Peter Pan? “So I could stay forever youthful,” she says.