The English Club Could Be for You!

In the works for next semester is an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party!

Do you find yourself referencing quotes and characters from different works of literature that are unknown or unappreciated by your friends? Do you have the pet peeve of horrible Facebook grammar? If your answers to these questions were ‘yes’ or even if you were intrigued by these questions, the the English Club might just be for you!

The English Club is a friendly St. Rose group who loves writing and literature and who values personality, creativity and imagination. How can you be a part of it, you wonder?Easy! Everyone is welcome to join the English Club; they are always seeking new members! Meetings are held every Thursday from 6:15 pm to 7:15 pm in the Instructional Room at the Hellman Library. The club plans fun events throughout the year to spread their love of books and to promote literacy. One event that you might have seen on campus in previous years is Fishing for Literature, an English Club tradition where students pay a dollar to “fish” for the chance to win a book, or possibly a film too this year! The club also functions like a book club. This semester, members will be reading Room by Emma Donoghue.

Attending a meeting and seeing what the English Club is all about might be a great idea—take Rebecca Hosie’s word for it! A sophomore double-majoring in English and Philosophy, she became a member of the club last spring and is the club’s current president. In regards to English Club meetings, Rebecca comments, “The meetings themselves are my favorite experiences. I never know what to expect to happen, even now… and I’m the president!” Rebecca also points out some additional value the English Club can provide its members, mentioning,  “[The club] also offers[s] helpful advice concerning teachers and writing papers. It’s a great environment for anyone to be in, even if it’s just to escape the hectic reality of college life.” If anyone is on the fence about joining the English Club, Rebecca has some convincing words for you: “Join us and we will open your mind to a whole new world where the imagination runs wild and free.”

Feel free to send any inquiries about the English club to Profs. Palecanda or Rice, and check out the English Club’s Facebook page for the latest on upcoming events!


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