St. Rose Wants Your Submissions!

The St. Rose Journal of Undergraduate Research is calling for submissions for the spring 2012 issue! The deadline for accepted submissions for this issue is November 1, 2011.

The journal publishes current students and recent graduates of St. Rose in all areas of study. So, whether you wrote a great paper on Shakespeare or Shelley; zombie films or gender theory, your very best work is what the journal is looking for!

Learning the submission process for a journal close to home is a great way to practice for submitting when you get out in the big world, especially if you see a
Masters and/or PhD in your future. The submission guidelines for the St. Rose
Journal of Undergraduate Research are numbered below and are accompanied by some words of wisdom from your friendly neighborhood English Department Graduate Assistant, Emily:

1. Send your submission as a clean electronic copy, in Microsoft Word, to Hey, Step One is easy!

2. Include a cover page with your name, department, and class year. If the paper was originally written for a course, please indicate which course it was, when it was taken, and who the professor was. Include a statement of original authorship. Do not place your name anywhere else in the document. A
statement of original authorship would be something like, “I hereby certify
that all work contained in this submission is the original work of Eric
Northman.” Yes, enjoy the True Blood reference!

3. Include an abstract and a complete bibliography.
Tables and figures may be included in the text or attached at the end. So,
writing an abstract… Don’t be afraid! If you’ve practiced this in some of
your classes already, then great! If you haven’t, check out some of the examples
that previous English students Francis Cutie and Kim Clune wrote as a part of
their published articles for the 2010 issue of the journal. Remember that your questions are always welcome at the Writing Center and, as always, don’t hesitate to ask an instructor or professor for help.

The benefits of publication are clear to English undergraduate Mikayla Consalvo as well as recent English undergrad-turned-grad student Kelsie Forte who were both published in the journal last spring. Some pros for Mikayla were the feedback she received and the editing skills that she blasted and buffed-up in the
submission and review processes. For Kelsie it was the tangibility of success.
Kelsie comments, “The feeling of holding the journal in your hands and flipping
to a page with your name on it and your work printed there is such a great
feeling.” The paper cut risk alone is up there, Kelsie, but I can definitely see the good outweighing the bad here!

Mikayla Consalvo and journal-published author pictured here.

Wouldn’t being published in an academic journal also be an awesome addition to the old resume? Why yes, I think it would, and Mikayla thinks so too. The ambitious law school hopeful comments that, “undergraduate publication is a huge asset” to her resume.


Kelsie Forte pictured here. She has been published. It's kind of a big deal.

You have about six weeks until the submission deadline, so go through those previous papers in your St. Rose desktop folders and find the best ones! Just follow the three steps above, and ask for help along the way if you need it. Kelsie has been kind enough to provide you with some final words of motivational support: “Work hard and hope for the best.”

If your hunger for submission information has not yet been satisfied, your appetite must be insatiable! But, I hear there is more ingestible information about the St. Rose Undergraduate Journal of Research on its webpage, so take your forks on over there if you’d like and eat up!


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