Calls for Papers!

Well, a new semester is upon us and with it comes a whole new crop of conferences and journals who need your help! Posted below are some calls for papers we think would be of special interest to St. Rose students. Some of these deadlines are coming up pretty quickly so get these abstracts in!


Shakespeare and Ethics: Deadline is September 15, 2011. The Ohio Valley Shakespeare Conference 2011 is accepting paper proposals that investigate ethics in Shakespeare’s and his contemporaries’ work. “Ethics” can include issues of race, gender, class, culture, religion, justice, economics, labor, environmentalism, and nature. Submissions accepted from graduate and undergraduate students. See for more information.

Desire: From Eros to Eroticism: Deadline is September 15, 2011. Graduate conference accepting papers from any period in areas of literature, art, film, theory, and philosophy that deal with desire as a motivation for action. See for more information.

Purdue University’s Medieval Studies Student Organization has put out a call for papers about the representation of women in medieval literature. This conference would be best suited for those in the undergraduate level. Paper proposals are due no later than September 15th. For more information visit

Nothing New Under the Sun?:  Novelty, Game-Changing, and Genre-Breaking: Deadline is September 25, 2011. Graduate conference accepting papers that seek to destabilize the boundaries of “old” and “new.” Subject areas might be anything from ground-breaking texts to new concepts of pre-existing texts.  See for more information.

The Northeast Modern Language Association has put out a call for papers for their conference in March about the role of economics in literature. Possible topics include Marxism, exploitation of the workforce, and capitalism among others. This conference would be best suited for someone in the graduate level. Abstracts are due by September 30th. For more information please visit

The NeMLA Conference 2012 is looking for papers about the rebooting and reimagining of things, specifically the topic of remakes and reboots of popular film and TV series. The topics of interest include but are not limited to the multiple versions of Jane Austen films and the regenerative theme of the BBC show Doctor Who. The deadline for abstracts is September 30th. For more information please visit and

The New Voices Graduate English Conference is looking for papers having to do with the human bodies in the humanities and sciences. Topics of study are the natural body, the body politic, the body of work and the body as object among others! Proposals of 300 words are due by September 30th so move quickly. For more information visit and

The UCLA Center For The Study of Women’s conference Thinking Gender has put out the call for papers that deal with any topic about women, gender, and sexuality. This year’s focus is gender roles in relation to marriage, and the topic of aging among many others. The deadline for abstracts is October 17th by noon. For much more information visit and

The ACCUTE Conference 2011 is looking for papers about robots, specifically dealing with the cultural representation of artificial intelligence. Paper topics include the ethics of robotics, the robot identity, and the robot as monster among many others. Proposals are due by November 1st! For more information visit

The Southwest/Texas Popular Culture & American Culture Association is looking for papers on a variety of subjects including:

  • The HBO series True Blood based on the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries. Areas of interest include the vampire mythos, adaptation of the novels for TV and depiction of the American South, among others. Proposals are due by December 1st for their February conference in Albuquerque. See for more details.
  • The CW show Supernatural, specifically papers about narrative structure, representations of myths and legends, and the engagement of the show with fan culture among many others. Abstracts are due December 1st. For more information visit
  • The apocalypse. Possible paper topics include the Mayan 2012 predictions, the apocalypse as depicted in films, literature, comic books, and religion among others. Abstracts are due by December 1st. See for more details.
  • The depiction of historical events in film. All genres of film are considered, as well as television programs.  Areas of interest include historical representations of race, the West, and government, as well as film history and theory.  Proposals should be submitted directly to the Film and History page at by December 1st. For more information please visit
  • Papers on the subject of fashion, appearance and consumer identity, especially the areas of clothing, marketing for fashion, and the psychological aspects of costuming. Proposal submission deadline is December 1. For more information:

The Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference is looking for papers that deal with the future, speficially the question “What happens now?” Topics of interest include the future of gender and sexuality studies, and the digital future among others. The submission deadline is December 1st. For more information visit

The English Graduate Student Mardi Gras Conference is looking for papers that deal with the neglected works of fiction. This can be anything from lesser works by a culturally significant author to things deemed to be low art such as the comic book. The deadline for proposals is December 9th. For more updates and information visit


Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives is looking for essays dealing with asexuality, especially the social constructions of the subject in relation to masculinity. This anthology would be best geared towards those in the graduate program. The deadline for submission is September 15th. For more information on this collection and what is required visit


2 responses to “Calls for Papers!

  1. Man, I’d love to write an essay about representations of robots/robot psychology in film, games and Doctor Who… Possibilities already popping up in my head include Daleks, Cybermen, GERTY from the film “Moon” (the nicest evil robot ever), GLaDOS from the game “Portal” (and “Portal 2”)… so many depictions of “evil” robots– the ones that want to violently kill you from the start, the ones that kill you “nicely”— and then good portrayals of robots/artificial intelligence like the Autobots from “Transformers” (I’d write about the older cartoons, not anything touched by Michael Bay), Astro Boy, Bicentennial Man– all good robots that touch/acquire some degree of humanity due to their abilities to show loyalty and exhibit emotions, emotions which are held under scrutiny by humans as to whether or not it is “genuine” or “mechanical.” Then there’s also Terminators, of course. Lots of possibilities!

  2. Also, another obvious robot to write about… WALL-E.