Meet the 2011 English Majors (Part 3)

Greetings from our final group of incoming English/English Adolescence Education majors!  Meet Amy, Tom, Shawn, Justin, Emily, Ashley, Pat, Emily, Jesse, Elizabeth, and Zach.  Those smiling faces made their way to Saint Rose on July 15 from points across the entire length of New York State—from Rochester to Long Island and everywhere in between.  To introduce themselves to each other and to us, they provided the following list of surprising experiences and characteristics.  In the grand tradition of the groups that preceded them, they elected to include one glaring fiction.

  • got a driver’s license on the day after the tornado in Queens
  • owns a guinea pig named Shamus
  • got hit by a van
  • accidentally kicked a guy in the face and broke his nose
  • loves Glee
  • collects novelty playing cards, and now possesses a collection of at least 30 packs
  • lived on a boat in the Amazon River, and slept in a hammock for a week
  • has parents who met when both were circus acrobats
  • bit a raw deer heart
  • dined with the Lizardman at the age of six
  • published a book at thirteen years of age
  • pitched a softball that resulted in an inadvertent choking event

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