Meet the 2011 English Majors (Part 2)

Don’t be fooled by their size: the intrepid group above is our second set of incoming English/English Adolescence Education Majors, who attended orientation on July 13.  Rachel, Brianna, Jessie and Jeff mostly come from close environs, but they have a variety of unique experiences and characteristics.  They elected to share the following descriptors about themselves (and just like group one, in the post below, they included a whopper or two to throw you off).  Which smiling face above matches with the facts below?

  • a horrible morning person, who has to curse in order to get out of bed
  • sang the theme song to Gilligan’s Island at a baseball game
  • owns a number of pets, including flying squirrels
  • met Alan Rickman at the  premiere of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
  • watches sporting events, and can’t help imagining what questions to ask athletes after the games
  • owns all of the One Tree Hill seasons on DVD, AND all the soundtracks to One Tree Hill seasons
  • broke a sixth-grade classmate’s nose with a math textbook
  • is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan
  • is a nerdfighter, because John Green is a favorite author
  • is a talented singer, but has no interest in singing as a career


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