Meet the 2011 English Majors (Part 1)

On July 12, we welcomed to campus the first group of incoming undergraduate English/English Adolescent Education majors.  Meet Amanda, Krissi, Anna, Alex, Kate, Liz, Olivia, and Matt (click the picture to enlarge).  They hail from New Hampshire and a variety of New York locales.  By way of introduction, they offered up these unusual facts about themselves.  Can you match the description to the major?  [Note: just to make it more difficult, the group has included one absolute untruth.]

  • Ran cross country in high school but hates running
  • describes herself as a female Hunter S. Thompson minus the suicide
  • came up with the winning idea for the New York State Butter Sculpture at the age of 4
  • scams kids for a living
  • rode a cow
  • as a third-grader, met Bill Nye the Science Guy in San Diego
  • can’t smell
  • possesses all Spiderman-themed college supplies and equipment
  • read 700 books in a single year, and still got all As and Bs


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