Graduate Students’ Summer Plans

Out of the classroom and into the summer sun! What is in store for some of St. Rose’s English Graduate students during their much needed, much deserved summer vacations?

Soon to be roommates Margaret Armenia and Tony Pecoraro.

Margaret Armenia: “My main summer plan involves moving into an apartment in Troy with Tony Pecoraro and his friends Andy and Sadie and working at the job I just got, while also searching for a better and more fulfilling job. I also get to look forward to two gaming conventions— Origins Game Fair and GenCon—where I’ll be helping my friends run/write up plots for games. I’ll also probably spend a lot of time with people I care about: my family, my friends, my boyfriend Dan and his family and friends.”

Tony Pecoraro: “On May 15th I’ll be moving into an apartment with Margaret and two new students to grad programs at Saint Rose: Sadie Hickman (fellow Minnesotan and English major) and Andrew Gross (Computer Information Science major from Iowa).  As for summer plans, probably most of my time is going to be spent working and writing my advanced project first draft so I get an ahead start on the next semester.”

It is a pirate's life for Janastasia Whydra.

Janastasia Whydra will be going to the Pirate Museum in Salem, Massachusetts to do historical research for her advanced project. She is working on writing a compilation of personal essays comparing her life to that of a pirate.

The Bride-to-Be, Genevieve Messak.

Genevieve Messak will be getting married in July and will be following that celebration up with a much needed Caribbean cruise honeymoon. The only homework there: eating, drinking, and laying in the sun.

Wishing all of the English Graduates, Undergraduates, and Professors the perfect balance between an  exciting and relaxing summer!


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