Alumni Stories: Anne-Marie Thweatt

Anne-Marie Thweatt (M.A. 2009) completed ENG 593 Teaching Practicum to explore college teaching as a possible career.  After teaching as an adjunct at Saint Rose in the 2009-2010 academic year, she was hired as an Assistant Professor of English at Arizona Western College in Yuma, AZ, where she teaches first-year composition.

Thweatt credits Saint Rose with instilling in her a good work ethic, commenting, “One way grad school at Saint Rose helped me was to get me accustomed to being really busy all the time. In the same way I spent hours preparing assignments and studying for class in order to do well in graduate school, I spend hours preparing assignments and lectures for the classes I am teaching in order to be an effective teacher.”

This successful alumna also recognizes the importance of the student-instructor relationship. Thweatt said, “I learned that the most valuable resources at Saint Rose are the instructors. My advice would be to get to know them. If you can, work as a graduate assistant. My instructors there were also my friends and now that I’ve graduated, I know that I can still get in touch with any of them if I need advice about publication or help with the courses I’m teaching now.”

As someone who struggled in the currently tough job market, Thweatt also has some words of advice for students as they get closer to graduation and to employment: “Don’t get discouraged and don’t settle. If you can’t find something right away, do what you have to in the mean time. Finding a job now can be a full-time job in itself.  Just be willing to put in the hard work and don’t get too discouraged.”


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