Katherine Wilhelmi: 2011 Writing Award Winner

Katherine Wilhelmi, Music Industry major, is the winner of the Writing Award for 2011. Katherine’s entry, which included one fiction piece and two nonfiction pieces, was chosen as the award recipient by a panel of professional writers.

Katherine’s interest in writing promises to be life-long since she says, “I’ve been writing for fun since I was about eight, so that will continue. As for writing professionally–with the current job market the way it is, I imagine I’ll have to do various things, regardless of what major I’m graduating with. Since I have writing skills, I think it’s a likely possibility that I will write professionally.”

Katherine explains, “The fact that I entered this contest is due entirely to the English department at Saint Rose. In the past two years, two English classes I’ve taken (ENG 105 and Fiction Writing) have really improved my writing. Two of the pieces that I entered came out of those classes.” At this point, Katherine is “still exploring a lot of different genres, but I’m leaning towards fiction as being my favorite. Naturally, it’s the most difficult for me to just sit down and write.” Katherine has already given a public reading of some of her fiction, at the Upstate Artists Guild this January, where she read “The Guarded Return,” the fiction piece she included in her entry for the award. We are sure that she will continue to develop and share her already impressive writing skills since she clearly recognizes that writing is important for both personal and professional reasons.


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