Emily Gagola: Top English Major

Emily Gagola, from Buffalo, earned top honors among English majors graduating this year. She hasn’t settled on a specific career yet, but would “love to pursue creative writing in some capacity.”

Looking back, Emily notes, “The exposure to numerous and varied English classes at Saint Rose has definitely opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that are available to me.  I feel so lucky to have been able to work with wonderful professors, experiment with different forms of writing, and read so many genres of literature.”  In the future, Emily wants “to continue my education and push myself to achieve success with my writing. Grad school will give me the opportunity to further expand the solid foundation in English that Saint Rose has given me.”

For now, Emily plans to gain “real world experience and figure out how best to utilize my English degree” before starting a graduate program in a few years. Emily advises students “to take a wide variety of classes, not only within the English Department, but in all areas of study: “It is important to be well-rounded, and it is amazing how many subject matters convene in literature! Also, I would highly recommend studying abroad. As an English major, it is very easy to find programs in other countries that fulfill class requirements. I studied abroad in London, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.”


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