Fish For Literature March 18

The St. Rose English Club will descend upon the main lounge on March 18th to host their Fishing for Literature fund raising game. For $1 anyone can either win a random book or a bag of Swedish Fish with a literary quote. The books range from novels to textbooks and have been donated from a variety of sources including fellow St. Rose students and faculty members.

The game is quite simple. The player gives $1 to play and randomly picks a colored fish from a box (covered with a blue cloth to resemble the ocean). The color of the fish marks what prize the player receives and anyone can play as many times as they want. Melissa Dominguez recollects last semester’s game: “I think last semester we had a student try six or seven times. She walked away with four or five free books. It’s a fun time.”

The event starts at 7:30pm in the Main Lounge on Monday, March 18th. Get some low-price books.


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