Alumni Updates

Jillmarie Murphy (B.A. and M.A. from Saint Rose, Ph.D. UAlbany) has been hired as an Assistant Professor in a tenure-track position at Union College. Dr. Murphy has just had her second book, Kinships: Realism & Attachment Theory in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Novel, accepted for publication by University of Delaware Press.

Barbara Dwyer Gunn (B.A. in English from Saint Rose,; M.A. in Public Administration from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), longtime nonprofit and government leader in New York City, has been named President and Chief Executive Officer of the Structured Employment and Economic Development Corporation (Seedco), the New York City-based national nonprofit organization.

Mary Daly, author of some of the most influential feminist books of the twentieth century, who received her B.A. from Saint Rose, died on January 3, 2010 . In her autobiography Outercourse, she identifies Saint Rose as “a substantial springboard for many Qualitative Leaps that I would have to take in the Future.” She remembers that she “took challenging courses from women who were very competent in their fields. They were demonstrating that women could be college professors. Moreover, they cared about their students.” She majored in English because she wanted to be a writer and was editor of the college literary magazine and yearbook editor. She recalls that she “wrote incessantly, often getting up in the middle of the night to write a couple of poems.” May we keep her passion for learning, critical thinking, women‟s rights, and writing alive.


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