Alumni Stories: Anne Meyer

Anne Meyer: future lawyer and Backstreet Boys fan.

Since graduating from  Saint Rose, Anne Meyer (MA 2010) moved to Queens and started law studies  at CUNY’s School of Law in Flushing.

“I have about two weeks left of my first semester,” she tells us. “It’s been challenging in a completely different way than grad school was. I definitely miss writing workshops and even twenty-page research papers. The writing here is a very different kind of writing, but the school starts focusing on teaching it immediately, thankfully.

“CUNY is nothing like what I was expecting law school to be,” she continues “Sure, it’s as rigorous and exhausting as ever (and I am doing it sans caffeine, unlike my peers who are practically mainlining espresso). But CUNY is an almost ridiculously supportive environment. The professors care about all of us succeeding and eventually passing the Bar. The Dean, who is a truly incredible woman as well as one of the country’s leading scholars on rape law, knows all of us by name.”

“I’m sure part of the reason I enjoy it so much is because St. Rose also has that smaller school vibe,” she says. “Everybody knows your name thing going on, which I always appreciated.”

The CUNY law school specializes in public interest law. Anne, who always knew she wanted to go to law school, is now deliberating over  which area of law she wants to practice.

“I entered with the idea that I would focus on LGBT rights, preferably in the International Human Rights vein,” she says, “but my mind changes every week. Of course, my constant goal is to ultimately help people. There are too many lawyers out there defending injustice and I want to keep them from succeeding any way I can.”

“Sorry,” she adds, “My ridiculous idealism is showing.” Anne also has generously offered to give advice and guidance to “any potential lawyers” at Saint Rose. “I don’t guarantee I’ll have the answer, but I will do my best to help them out.” Anne’s email is anne [dot] meyer [at] live [dot] law [dot] cuny [dot] edu.

Anne, a Long Island native, is taking advantage of being near the city again. Her short-term plans include seeing the Backstreet Boys (“for the first time ever–be still my teenybopper heart”) this summer at Nassau Coliseum, seeing “her trumpet-playing idol” Chris Botti at the Blue Note Jazz Club in the Village, as well as the off-Broadway production of Angels in America, starring the “extra dreamy” Zachary Quinto, during the winter break.

Anne’s long-term goals include finishing her the law degree in two years, passing the bar, practicing law “for a chunk of years,” and then, as she puts it, “quit it all and open a bakery around the age of forty.”

“I don’t know how I’ll afford the bakery, since half my work is going to be pro bono,” she explains. “But I’ll make it work somehow.”

“Oh,” she adds at the last minute, she participated in NaNoWriMo. “So I’m writing a novel!


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