Alumni Stories: Kerri Patnode

Patnode with three students.

One of our English concentrators gives us updates us from the classroom!

Kerri Patnode (formerly Shpunt) graduated from Saint Rose with a degree in elementary education with a concentration in English in 2003. She worked a teaching assistant position as a 1-1 aid at Lake George Elementary School the next year, then went on to get a Dual Master’s Degree from University at Albany as a Literacy Specialist and Special Education teacher.

From there, Kerri taught at Lake George Elementary School as a Literacy Specialist from 2005-2010. Just recently started in September as a 5th and 6th grade classroom teaching position as a Special Education teacher in a co-teaching classroom.

Congratulations to Kerri on a super teaching career. If any of you have updates, let us know! Write any of your old professors or Daniel Nester at daniel.nester [at] strose [dot] edu.

“I am very happy with my career!” Kerri writes us.


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