Video Stars

Thesis? Check. References? Check. Video —

What? You didn’t make a video for that final major project of the semester? Get with the 21! That’s right, English Majors are taking over all media. This isn’t just my obsession with our Film and New Media Studies minor. Two of our fine graduate students who are working on independent studies with me this semester both created music videos to encapsulate the essence of their projects. So far, Kira Brady’s video, a mash-up of Tipping the Velvet and the Brandi Carlile song, “I Was Made for You,” is only on Facebook, but Caitlin Pixley put her video on YouTube. She made a video to accompany Lady Gaga’s “Teeth” that encapsulates the argument for her paper on the appeal of much-maligned series like Twilight and Flowers in the Attic for young female readers.

I just love seeing these fantastic combinations of critical analysis and creative spark. Our students rock!


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