"Swedish" Film with Candice Redden

Candice Redden (BA ’08), currently works as a Resident Director at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park. While she’s pursuing a graduate degree in education at nearby SUNY New Paltz, she’s also coming up with creative and artistic ways to bind her staff members and residents together.

Recently, her residence life staff watched the Michel Gondry film Be Kind, Rewind, in which workers at a neighborhood video store accidentally destroy their entire collection of VHS tapes. In desperation, the employees produce their own low-budget version of popular films (a process they describe as “sweding”), which end up bringing the entire neighborhood together to participate in the productions.

Inspired by the film, Candice and her staff decided to do some sweding of their own.

“At first we were going to do a series of movies, Harry Potter (which bears a striking resemblance to the Culinary campus) and 300, being some of our other choices. The students picked which film they wanted to start with and TMNT got the most votes. I was lucky enough to have one RA who was really invested in the project and really pushed it with our residents. The students did all the filming, acting and production. The only thing I did was edit. We had an official Debut of the film a week later.”

Candice sees the production of the film as an outgrowth of her studies at New Paltz. “The program I’m enrolled in (Humanistic/Multicultural Education) is all about teaching to the whole person. You can’t teach anyone holistically unless they are invested in the learning. I looked at this program as a great social event, but also a chance for them to think through what it means to make a narrative, how to do that effectively, and what it means to work together. They were incredibly excited about the project, brilliant with developing the narrative (considering no one had seen the movie since 1990), and stellar with the production and costumes. They were so resourceful, using cardboard, re-imagined felt hats, and tin foil for most of the costumes.

“I am constantly looking for projects like this to bring to my staff and residents. I think it’s a much better use of time and resources to find something both fun and inspiring.”

The sweded version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles makes its Saint Rose debut here!


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