Caleb Lionheart Rocks in a Punk Pop Way

Senior English major Kristofer Wildermuth’s rock combo, Caleb Lionheart, toured last summer and continues to play gigs in support of its second EP, Think Hardcore, Play Punk Pop.  Co-songwriter Wildermuth, second from left, plays guitar and sings backup vocals.

Think Hardcore, Play Punk Pop, released from Rochester, NY-based Farewell Party Records, has received some great notices. In a three-and-a-half-star review (out of four), Alternative Press described the EP as “fast (like, really fast) and loaded to the brim with gang vocals, yet the songs don’t rely on too many cliches, instead letting frontman Tony Bucci’s vocals shine.” Bucci, second from right, is also a Saint Rose senior majoring in Communications.


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