Alumni Stories: Zartasha Chaudhry

Zartasha Chaudry (M.A., 2007), left, is in her second year of PhD studies in Binghamton University’s creative writing program. She will finish her coursework by the end of spring 2010, but that doesn’t mean she is winding down her workload. Quite the contrary.

“I am already thinking about my three topics for the field exams,” Zartasha says. “My professors and some third year students have been telling me that it is always good to start preparing for those ahead of time. I’ll start preparing my book list next semester. My topics will probably be novel writing, Anglo-Indian literature, and possibly composition administration.

“I love the English department at Binghamton; they are so laid back. Your topics don’t have to be reflected in your dissertation. I can basically choose whatever I want.”

Zartasha is also teaching two first-year composition courses. Before that she worked as a teaching assistant for a large British Literature course. “I love having my own classes, and teaching writing is so much fun.” In her third year, Zartasha may also teach a 200-level fiction writing course. She is also enrolled in Binghamton Graduate School’s new Certificate in College Teaching program.

“I’m very busy,” she says, “but I am enjoying every minute of my time here.”


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